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Put In Work (Pop)

Put In Work (Pop)

Song is about being on your GRIND!
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The movement you’ve been waiting for has finally come along. There are so many layers to unfold when it comes to this team, you’ll want to see it for yourself. Layer one screams entrepreneurs. We all know the hustle nature of the music business, but going in it alone led this team to hustle up their own money by creating an accessories business and building a fan base from the ground up. Layer two boasts a dynamic Artist/Producer team. There have been few. Timberland & Missy, The Dream & Trick, but none like this. Layer three presents visual stimulation. Performing is something they can do in their sleep.

Constantly improving to be at the top of their game shows this hungry duo can’t wait to feed starving audiences something fresh and new. When you see the name, what do you think? Two guy’s right? Wrong!! Layer four reveals two smart, sexy and talented females. One gives you hot beats to shake your body and nod your head to, while the other writes lyrics that will have you wanting to memorize every word. The chemistry between these two is unprecedented. How many females have you seen around that can give you energy galore? Ok there’s a few, but not like T.Brown and Frost.

The girls believe that sisterhood comes first and that contributes to their creativeness. We’ve been at this too long to let the business divide us, states T.Brown, while Frost let’s us know that she’s so ready to make this move.

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1 Get Rich Street, brooklyn, New York, 10001, United States
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