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music distribution

We are the first online music distribution community dedicated to creating a network place where independent music artists can sell their music to other supporting artists and fans. We have created a unique patent pending system that formulates a way for the "starving artists" to generate income from music. In today's current market place of file sharing, illegal downloading, CD bootlegging and the major label monopolies on music distribution channels, it's our responsibility to show power of the Artist to Artist support system in music sales. Today's independent artist must first motivate the consumer in leading by example. By joining the Rtistree system, you the artist, now become the leading consumer.

Online music distribution
  1. With just one single uploaded for sale with Rtistree's A.S.A.P., you can create an opportunity to generate a sizable income from music with Rtistree's p2p A.S.A.P. system program.
  2. Distribute your independent music on our secure website and monitor your sales 24hrs a day.
  3. Interact with consumers, fellow artists and friends with our instant messaging feature to receive real time honest feedback.
  4. If you have a barcode, we are a reporting store to SoundScan.
  5. Sell your music through a trusted company with integrity. Rtistree is committed to delivering your digital music with the best download sound quality possible.
  6. Take advantage of our non-exclusive term agreement.
  7. Unlike other music networking websites, Rtistree's unique patent pending p2p artists supporting artists system automatically gets your music the exposure it needs.
  8. Easy downloadable MP3 format.
  9. Rtistree will strive to bring you new innovative ways to promote and sell your music to the masses.
music distribution website

Rtistree is free! On our music social network, all you have to do is create your free account which will give you access to our wonderful community and feature packed website. Create a profile, send messages, participate in discussions and much much more.

Within your account you will be able to enroll in the artists supporting artists program (A.S.A.P), for the low cost of only $1; Five Dollars supports 5 artists. Upload your best self- created single and reap the benefits of making money in music!

music distribution

Rtistree.com is not just a music store or music distribution website, we are a music community where artists can connect and support one another. With our premium service A.S.A.P (artists supporting artists program), artists may gain sales with their single, through streamline revenue created by artists supporters and customers.

We have created a program dedicated to serious Artists who seek to build their sound scan sales number along with a fan base. Create your own profile page where you can sell more music and let your supporters know more about you. Communicate with other supporting artists using our instant messaging feature. At Rtistree.com we operate in a community format to grow the independent Artist platform and wallet. You can collect monies earned from music sales once you reach the designated amount. No need to wait per quarter or bi annual to collect your income from music.

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