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Pay Attention FT. @Phraynkhp & @JediJ32 (Hip Hop)


Getting' Paid (More Money) FT. @JediJ32 & @Phraynkhp (Hip Hop)

Over here FT. @Phraynkhp & @JediJ32 (Hip Hop)

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Michael Allen Perez (DJ t r I xX)
Born and raised in Houston, Texas on December 22, 1987.

Started Martial Arts at age 8 and has competed around the world till age 18.
Between that time line, I became fascinated with electronic music and wanted to learn how to make it around the age of 13. I taught myself, with trial and error, the fundamentals of music production.

After learning the structure of electronic music, I started to branch out to the hip hop/Rap  community because society was passively calling for it. We built a in house studio and started to produce profound, authentic, and ear catching tones.  Our best friends friends loved it.  With help from above  I decided, and close friends decided to join the Military because we needed change. It was this “set back”, I used to turn into opportunity for myself and others around me.

During the loathsome military life style, with much respect, I finally got to think outside the box.  I started to read Carnegie books, self help books, and many more. In a nutshell, I found my true self, and made important/personal connections throughout the world.
It was through the military that provided discipline, structure, and focus for what I wanted to achieve in civilian life.  That achievement is to work with Inspiration, Producers, and Artist around today.

Honorably discharged with DD214s.

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17611 Glenwolf Dr., Houston, Texas, 77084, United States
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