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starving musicians
starving musicians
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how do I get signed
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how do I get signed
how do I get signed
how do I get signed
how do I get signed
how do I get signed

Check out how Rtistree can help you!

How can I get discovered with Rtistree?

Rtistree has a unique peer to peer artist platform called A.S.A.P (artist supporting artist program) that empowers today's independent music artists to monetize their music by creating a artist support system. With a strong support system you could get discovered and multiply the reach of your music to thousands.

How can Rtistree help me become one of the next top indie bands?

Indie music is the driving force behind Rtistree. Our goal is to create an outlet for indie bands to really branch out. With our premium service your music peers become your music distributors.

How is Rtistree online music community different from other music networking sites?

Rtistree platform is a real haven for today new bands, musicians, and independent artists. We are connected to the needs of the artists and work to provide real solutions for all. We help those help themselves by connecting artists peer support and monetize each other music. Our goal is to provide a new approach to the way indie songs are distributed.

How does Rtistree music mlm work?

Rtistree's A.S.A.P (artist supporting artist program) helps indie music artists monetize the music with a unique p2p music system.

How do I find a music manager?

Most established music mangers are excited to see that indie artists not only have a following but can generate income from music. With the ability to generate money in music on your own, a manager can see your selling potential clearer. Who wants to work for an artist that doesn't work for themselves? As a independent music artist you will create more leverage as you build your dream team to take you to the next level.

What genre of music work best with Rtistree?

Rtistree works the same for all genres. Whether it's hip hop artists or christian artists we find the needs to be the same when it comes to exposing and monetizing their music.

How can I make money from music?

There are two major ways to make money in music with Rtistree. You can sell your music straight from your profile page and/or from our p2p music mlm service called A.S.A.P (Artist Supporting Artist Program). As Rtistree continues to grow, there will be other avenues to explore in monetizing your music.

How can artists go from being starving musicians to becoming the best indie bands?

With Rtistree we will always seek out to bring you new innovative ways for you to sell, connect, and promote your music. Why not do what you love and earn money from it? Rtistree's goal is to provide you with the tools to stay ahead of the curve when it come to the ever changing landscape of music distribution and music networking.

How can I get my indie song charting on billboard?

Rtistree is a reporting store to Nielsen SoundScan. The sale of your digital downloads are reported and your music now has the opportunity to possibly make the billboard chart!

How do I get signed ?

In today's music landscape most independent artists have put more focus on growing their independent music platform. And more noticeably the major labels have sought out the indie bands who have created a demand for themselves. So the signing process to a major label has changed drastically. Rtistree's online music community has enabled the artist to gain leverage when it comes to signing a major recording contract.

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